April 19, 2022
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On April 27 (Wednesday),from 15:30-18:00(JST), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will organize a Energy security Seminar titled "Geopolitics and Energy: Role of Natural Gas in Energy Transition-in the context of the War in Ukraine-".

The recent Russian agression against Ukraine has given us an opportunity to question ourselves the importance of energy security. What are the geopolitical aspects we need to understand and how could such affect our lives? Those guiding questions are the main themes of this seminar.

In the energy sector, the momentum is building up to fast realize a carbon free society. At the same time, energy crisis caused by current situation surrounding Ukraine has reminded us of the importance of diversifying our energy sources to secure energy security to protect people’s lives.

In this seminar, we would ask and think together with experts the difficult question on how we may be able to realize a carbon-free society while securing energy security. We invite all those who are interested in energy, international relations and security to join us in this seminar.


Online (with Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation) via ZOOM

Hosted by

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Supported by

KEIDANREN(Japan Business Federation)

Provisional Agenda

1. Opening Remarks

Mr. Kiyoshi ODAWARA, State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

2. Remarks

Mr. Shinji MIYAJI Chairman, Policy Sub-Committee, Committee on Asia and Oceania, Keidanren

3. Keynote Speech

H.E. Mr. Arfin Tasrif, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Republic of Indonesia
Mr. Tim Gould (IEA Chief Energy Economist)

4. Panel Discussion and Q&A

1st Session "Consiering Energy Security and Geopolitics under current international cirsumstance"

Mr. Hiroyuki TAKAI (International Business Consultant)
Ms. Yukari TAKAMURA (Professor, University of Tokyo)
Mr. Koichiro TANAKA (Professor, Keio Univerity)

2nd Session "Current and Future of Energy Transitions in Asia"

Ms. Keiko IHARA (CEO Future Architet / Outside Director, Nissan Motor Co)
Dr. Sumiko TAKEUCHI (PhD-Engi/Senior Fellow, Member, Board of Directors, IEEI, Keidanren The 21st Century Public Policy Institute Deputy Project Leader/ Specially Appointed Professor of Tohoku University)
Ms. Risa YOSHIKI (TV Star)
Mr. Nobuyuki KIKUCHI, Director, Resource Securty Div, MOFA

Participation Fee

Free of Charge


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(Note) Please note that the application will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis due to number of web access.

(Note)The personal information will not be used for any purpose other than registration and getting feedback on this webinar, and will be discarded appropriately afterwards.

For any question concerning this webinar, please contact Resource Security Division, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.


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