Japanese Economy

Achieving Greater Investments in the Digital Era

March 9, 2021
  1. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA) is plans to hold "Global Business Seminar" on March 19, under the main theme of how to further expand investment in the field of digital innovation.
  2. Digital innovation business, through establishment of new business model and productivity improvement, has become increasingly important as a driving force of the economic growth and solution of various challenges including the impact of COVID-19 which international society is facing now. In this seminar, senior government officials, experts and business leaders of Japan, Europe, India, and the U.S. will discuss the digital economic trends and the prospect for investment expansion through cross-border digital innovation business, and local government officials will present Japan’s advantages as an investment destination with a focus on local regions.
  3. Concerning the agenda and registration information, please refer to the following document.

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