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March 20, 2014

As Japan commemorates the 50th anniversary of its accession to the OECD this year, it takes up the Chair of the OECD Ministerial Council Meeting in May 2014. The main themes to be discussed of the meeting are "Resilient Economies and Inclusive Societies" and "Strengthening ties between the OECD and South East Asia".
Mr. José Ángel Gurría Treviño, Secretary General of the OECD, and a high-level representative of the Government of Japan will be the main key-note speakers of the Symposium. The Symposium offers the opportunity to discuss the role of the OECD in promoting Japan's post-war economic growth and its potential to further contribute to Japan's future growth, especially economic policies under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, as well as OECD's role in Southeast Asia.
This event is free, but advance registration is required (for further information, please see:


9 April 2014 9:00-15:00

Program (tentative)

*Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation will be available.

Key-note Speech
A high-level representative of the Government of Japan
Mr. Jose Angel Gurria Trevino, Secretary General of the OECD

Session 1:Panel Discussion
“World in 50 years ? Challenges to be Tackled”
Moderator: Kazumasa Iwata, President, Japan Center for Economic Research
Guest: Mr. Jose Angel Gurria Trevino, Secretary General of the OECD
・ Kaori SASAKI, CEO of ewoman.Inc
・ Kathy MATSUI, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs Japan Ltd.

Session 2:Panel Discussion
“OECD and South East Asia ? Japan with a Bridging Role”
Moderator: Takashi Shiraishi, President, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
Guest: William Danvers, Deputy Secretary-General of the OECD
・ Dr. San Lwin, Deputy Minister for National Planning and Economic Development, Republic of the Union of Myanmar
・ Dr. Cayetano W. Paderanga, Jr., Chairman, Board of Trustees, Development Academy of the Philippines
・ Tetsuya Jitsu, Deputy Chief Editorial Writer of Nikkei

Session 3:Panel Discussion
“Toward the Resilient Economies ? Japan’s Role in OECD and its Future”
Moderator: Yoshiji Nogami, President, The Japan Institute of International Affairs
Guest: Gabriela Ramos,OECD Chief of Staff and Sherpa to the G20
・ Soogil YOUNG, Director, the Sustainable Development Solutions Network Korea
・ Hiroshi YOSHIKAWA, Professor, University of Tokyo
・ Philippe MESMER, Correspondent, Le Monde

Students Event

An event for students will be held after the symposium (tbc)


The information booth for those who wish to work for OECD, International Organizations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be set up at the symposium (open from 11:00-15:30). The officials in charge of personnel affairs in OECD/ Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ex.OECD officers, an officer form the Recruitment Center for International Organization will provide related information and answer your questions. (for further information, please see:


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
Japan Center for Economic Research


Nikkei Inc.


Please register at the Symposium online (Advance Registration Required).


Nikkei-Hall (3F, Nikkei-Building, 1-3-7, Chiyoda-ku, Ootemachi, Tokyo, 100-8066)
(Exit C2b, Ootemachi-station)

Enquiries about the Symposium

Secretariat for the 50th Anniversary Symposium of Japan’s Accession to the OECD

Tel: 03-3508-1277

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