Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA)

June 10, 2021

In accordance with Article 2.32 of the Japan-EU EPA, the Government of Japan and the European Commission exchanged respective trade statistics on imports(Note 1.) after the entry into force of the EPA (from January to December 2020).

(For reference)
The EPA utilisation rates calculated from the statistics exchanged on this occasion are as follows:.
  • Exports from Japan to the EU: 59% (source: EUROSTAT)
  • Imports to Japan from the EU: 63% (source: Trade statistics of Japan (Detailed version of imports))
  1. The exchanged statistics include import of products to which preferential tariff rates were applied under the Japan-EU EPA.
  2. EPA utilisation rates are calculated based on the following formula:
    EPA utilization rate (PURs) = Imports that actually entered under the preference scheme (A) / Imports eligible for use of preferences (B)
  3. B) of the above formula includes import value of the products which preferential tariff rates cannot be applied.
  4. Some of import value of products which are under but have not completed the procedures for repayment or remission of customs duties are not reflected in the EU import statistics, and are therefore not included in (A) of the above formula. Also, the value of goods imported as part of the EU’s inward processing procedure, under which goods imported for the purposes of manufacturing or repair are not subject to import duty, is not included in either (A) or (B) of the above formula.
  5. The import statistics of the EU do not include those of the United Kingdom, who withdrew from the EU on January 31, 2020.

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