Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA)

November 9, 2015
  1. The thirteenth round of negotiations on the Japan-EU Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) was held in Brussels, Belgium, from October 26 to November 6.
  2. The meeting was attended by, on the Japanese side, Ambassador Yasumasa Nagamine, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs (Chief Negotiator) and representatives from other relevant ministries and on the EU side, Mr. Mauro Petriccione, Deputy Director-General, Directorate-General for Trade, the European Commission (Chief Negotiator) and other representatives.
  3. At the meeting, fruitful discussions were conducted on areas such as trade in goods, trade in services, intellectual property rights, non-tariff measures, and government procurement.
  4. The schedule of the next round will be arranged with the week of November 30 in Tokyo, under consideration.

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