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December 18, 2018
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From 15 to 16 November, 2018, Dr. Teruo KISHI, Science and Technology Advisor to the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, visited Qatar as a part of the SIP Caravan (Note). During his stay, he visited the Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute under the Qatar Foundation, gave a lecture to the members of the research institute, and exchanged opinions with the parties related to the foundation. The summary of his visit is as follows.

1. Exchange of opinions with Qatar Foundation Executives

Dr. KISHI met Dr. Richard O’Kennedy, Vice-President of the Qatar Foundation, and had an exchange of opinion after receiving explanations on the science and technology measures promoted by the foundation.

2. Lecture at the Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute

Dr. KISHI gave a lecture on Japan’s science and technology policy. After briefly mentioning to the transition of Japan’s science and technology capabilities, Dr. KISHI stated that collaboration with Asian countries and how to respond to the digital revolution including AI is increasingly important. Mr. Masahiro TAKEMURA, Associate Director of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), explained the trends of structural material research in Japan including the SIP “Structural Materials for Innovation” in which Dr. KISHI acts as Program Director (PD). Ms. Kana ASANO, Science and Technology Researcher in International Science Cooperation Division; Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, explained efforts of science and technology diplomacy of Japan. In addition, Prof. Yoshio BANDO, Executive Advisor of the International Center for Material Nanoarchitectonics (MANA); National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), gave a lecture on Japan’s remarkable outcomes of nanotechnology.

3. Exchange of opinions with executives of Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute

At the Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute, Dr. KISHI heard about research activities of the institute from Dr. Marc Vermeersch, President of the Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute, and others and then exchanged opinions on science and technology including next generation solar cells with them.

(Note) the SIP (strategic innovation promotion program) Caravan:
An attempt to publicize science and technology innovation projects in Japan , such as SIP, in order to lay the ground work for future international cooperation, as well as for the international dissemination of Japan’s research and development output, in the collaboration with the Cabinet Office.
Targeting the local relevant researchers and organizations involved in the field of science and technology as well as diplomacy, the Science and Technology Advisor makes a contribution to publicizing and networking via Japanese diplomatic missions overseas as part of his activity.

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