Science and Technology

October 3, 2016

Japan and the United States have taken concrete steps to increase the inputs of science and technology (S&T) advice into their foreign ministries to assist evidence-based foreign policy decision-making, including through the designation of senior-level S&T advisors. The Science and Technology Advisor (STA) to the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, Professor Teruo Kishi, met today with the Science and Technology Adviser to the U.S. Secretary of State (STAS), Dr. Vaughan Turekian, to share experiences and approaches to bringing S&T advice to foreign policy-making. They discussed ways to engage their respective science communities, to better understand the potential implications of emerging S&T on and for foreign policy. STA Kishi and STAS Turekian also discussed ways to support additional countries on integrating science and technology advice in their foreign ministries.

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