April 27, 2023
Period of stay 1year, 6 months, or a term individually designated by the Minister of Justice (up to 1year).
(However, maximum of 2 years will be granted if eligible individuals apply for an extension of period of stay to the Regional Immigration Service Bureau before the expiration of the permitted period of stay.)
Eligibility for Applicant
  1. Future creation individual
    Individual at the age of 18 years or older who satisfies the following conditions and wish to participate in job hunting, entrepreneurial activity, or other remunerative activity for 2 years in Japan.
  • (1) Individual must have been awarded a qualification by an eligible university (PDF) Open a New Window and the qualification must be at the same level as a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or PhD (or doctorate).
  • (2) Individual must have been awarded the qualification above in the last 5 years.
  • (3) Individual must prove enough personal savings(approximately 200,000 yen) to support herself/himself in Japan
  1. Spouse or child of future creation individual
    Dependent spouse or child of future creation individual.
Necessary documents
  1. Future creation individual
  1. Spouse or child of future creation individual
  • (1) Passport
  • (2) Visa Application Form (with a photo)
  • (3) Certificate of Eligibility (Note) – the original or one copy (If you have an electronic Certificate of Eligibility, please present it at the visa application counter or submit a printed copy) (if you submit the Certificate of Eligibility, you do not need to submit (4) to (8) below)
  • (4) Documents to prove kinship (Marriage Certificate or Birth certificate)
  • (5) A copy of residence card or passport of future creation individual
(Note) What is a Certificate of Eligibility?
By presenting Certificate of Eligibility which is issued by a regional immigration bureau, the visa application at the Embassy or Consulate-General and the landing examination at the passport control will be processed smoothly. However, please note that a COE does not guarantee the issuance of a visa. For details, visit the website of the Immigration Services Agency of JAPANOpen a New Window. (A proxy in Japan can make an application of COE)

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