Consular Services

1. Border Measures

Vaccination certificates and pre-departure tests are no longer required to enter Japan. Travelers and returnees with COVID-19 symptoms will no longer be subjected to on-arrival testing. Travelers with a positive COVID-19 test result will not be treated at designated facilities.

Genomic Surveillance of Infectious Diseases has begun from 12:00 a.m. (JST) on May 8.

2. Contact Information for Inquiries

  • For procedures upon arrival at the airport and the status of residence:
    Contact: Immigration Service Agency of Japan
    TEL (Main): 03-3580-4111
  • For procedures for Visa application for entry into Japan
    Contact: MOFA visa information service in Foreign Residents Support Center (Inquiries on visa)
    TEL: 0570-011000 (Navigation Dial: Press [2] for English language). For certain type of internet protocol phone, please call 03-5363-3013.
    JAPAN VISA INFORMATION HOTLINE(PDF)Open a New Window (Inquiries about visa application in different countries and regions)
  • For general inquiries regarding border measures for entry into Japan;
    Contact: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
    TEL: 03-5253-1111 (Japanese only)
  • For inquiries regarding flight information;
    Contact: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Civil Aviation Bureau, Director for Crisis Management Office
    TEL: 03-5253-8700

3. Old measures
Old measures is moved to the archive below.

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