Statement by H. E. Yoshiki Mine
Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Japan
to the Conference on Disarmament

The 8th Session of the CCW Group of Governmental Experts
Geneva, 5 July 2004

Mr. Chairman,

At the outset, on behalf of my government, allow me to congratulate you, Ambassador Gordan Markotic, on the professional manner with which you are leading us as Chairman-designate of the Meeting of the States Parties to the Convention. You can be assured of the full support of my delegation, and we are confident that, under your competent guidance, the group will be able to engage in meaningful and efficient deliberations. Allow me also to extend my warmest congratulations to both coordinators, Ambassador Markku Reimaa and Ambassador Jayant Prasad.

The CCW and its protocols enable the States parties to effectively and practically address the humanitarian problems arising from armed conflicts without compromising their legitimate security needs. This key character allows the Convention and its protocols to enjoy wide adherence. Japan is fully committed to complying with them and strongly hopes that this legal framework will be further strengthened.

Important thing for us is, I believe, to reach a consensus on the negotiating mandate on a protocol on mines other than anti-personnel mines at the coming States Parties Meeting in November. Thus, I strongly hope that this Governmental Experts Meeting will achieve substantial progress towards such a goal.

Japan believes that the CCW is the most suitable framework to deal with mines other than anti-personnel mines, to ensure humanitarian goals without hampering security concerns. Considering the humanitarian urgency caused by the mines, this must be done in a swift and realistic way. The 30 nation proposal offers the best basis for this purpose. The proposal has been put forward since 2001 and supported by an increasing number of countries. The proposed measures are feasible and practical, based on technical merits. I would like to emphasize the importance of "feasibility" and taking a "realistic approach" because if we pursue too idealistic and ambitious a target, it could discourage interested Parties from becoming a member to such measures. Japan highly appreciates the efforts to develop best practice measures concerning the issue of sensitive fuse mechanisms of anti-vehicle mines. I take this opportunity to express Japan's strong commitment to doing its utmost to eradicate humanitarian tragedies caused by mines.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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