Statement by H.E. Mr. Koichiro Gemba,
Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan
at the Launch of the Global Counterterrorism Forum

New York, September 22, 2011


Your Excellency Ms. Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State of the United States of America,
Your Excellency Dr. Ahmet Davutoğlu, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey,
Excellencies, distinguished delegates,

It is an honor to be able to attend this meeting today at which the Global Counterterrorism Forum will be officially launched. I commend the initiative that U.S. Secretary of State Clinton has taken thus far towards the launch of this Forum, and I would like to offer my sincere congratulations to Secretary Clinton and Foreign Minister Davutoğlu of Turkey as they assume their roles as Co-Chairs.

In the ten years since September 11, 2001, in order to oppose the abhorrent practice of terrorism, the international community has taken an uncompromising stand as it engages in counterterrorism measures.

However, terrorist attacks have taken place all around the world even since then, including in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Norway, India, and Russia. A great many among the public have fallen victim to these attacks, with the bereaved families knowing no end to their grief. Moreover, new issues have also emerged recently, including among others increased dynamism by regional terrorist organizations and the utilization of the Internet and other new means.

Terrorism is now a threat for humanity as a whole, transcending national boundaries. Results will only be achieved through a concerted approach to terrorism by the international community, rather than through actions by only a subset of countries.

In order to implement counterterrorism measures and to eliminate the underlying causes of terrorism, in cooperation with the international community, Japan has been undertaking measures against terrorist financing and the like, while also supporting efforts towards the stability and reconstruction of Afghanistan and economic reforms in Pakistan. In addition, Japan has been providing development assistance as well as support for capacity building in the area of counter-terrorism for countries in Southeast Asia and other countries. Japan has extended assistance for capacity building in the area of counter-terrorism at a scale of approximately US$47 million since FY2010 and we intend to continue to actively contribute to efforts to address counterterrorism challenges.

The GCTF is a new and unprecedented forum intended to facilitate the implementation of the UN Counter-Terrorism Strategy while also fostering discussions on counter-terrorism and assistance needs and cooperation. By sharing experiences and insights in the area of counter-terrorism measures through informal discussions, we can expect international cooperation in the area of counter-terrorism to be strengthened still further.

As a responsible member of the international community, Japan intends to play an active role in efforts to eradicate terrorism. Together with other participating countries, we intend to be proactively engaged in the Forum's activities and its development.

Thank you very much for listening.

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