Meeting between Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Makiko Kikuta and Ganesh Yonzan Tamang, Ambassador, Embassy of Nepal in Japan

March 28, 2011

  1. On Monday, March 28, Makiko Kikuta, Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, held a meeting with Ganesh Yonzan Tamang, Ambassador of Nepal in Japan .

  2. Ambassador Tamang expressed his condolences and sympathy for the great suffering of Japanese people following the Tohoku district – off the Pacific Ocean Earthquake. He was confident that Japanese people would overcome the present crisis under the leadership of Japanese Government and with efforts by all levels of its society, as Japan had done with many difficulties in the past, and added that a large-scale prayer ceremony was held in Kathmandu the same day. Ambassador Tamang handed over a catalogue of 5,000 blankets which were offered by the Government of Nepal to support Japan’s reconstruction efforts based on the solid friendship between Japan and Nepal.

  3. In response, Parliamentary Vice-Minister Kikuta appreciated Nepal’s heartfelt encouragement and friendship as well as offer of blankets as many people are suffering from the cold weather with the temperature often falling below zero degrees. Parliamentary Vice-Minister Kikuta expressed appreciation to the letters from Prime Minister Khanal to Prime Minister Kan and Foreign Minister Matsumoto, and stated that she felt the strong sense of solidarity by Nepali people with Japanese people as manifested in the Special Resolution adopted by Nepal’s Legislature-Parliament on March 14, which expressed condolences and solidarity to Japan’s reconstruction efforts.

  4. Regarding the Fukushima nuclear power plant, Parliamentary Vice-Minister Kikuta stated that Japan made utmost efforts to stabilize the situation and would continue to provide information to and closely cooperate with the international community including Nepal in a swift and accurate manner with maximum transparency.

* The blankets arrived by JAL094 on March 26 and JAL090 / JAL 092 on March 27.

    • (*This is a provisional translation. The above date denotes the date of the issue of the original press release in Japanese.)

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