The 1st Japan-China Counter-Terrorism Consultations

January 6, 2011

  1. The 1st Japan-China Counter-Terrorism Consultations was held on January 6, 2011 in Beijing with Mr. Takaaki Kojima, Ambassador in charge of International Counter-Terrorism Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs representing Japan, and Ambassador LUO Zhaohui, Director General of the Department of External Security Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs representing China.  Officials from relevant government bodies attended.

  2. In the consultations, both sides welcomed the holding of the 1st round of the bilateral consultations under the circumstance in which there is a growing momentum for strengthening the bilateral cooperation on global issues in order to develop the “Mutually Beneficial Relations based on Common Strategic Interests.”  To that end, they confirmed to enhance cooperation in the area of counter-terrorism.

  3. Both sides exchanged and shared information on matters of mutual interest regarding international and regional terrorism situations as well as counter-terrorism cooperation measures, including assisting the capacity building of developing countries.  Both sides recognized that terrorists still pose considerable threats to the international society, which is the mid-and-long term challenge for the security of both countries.

  4. In order to tackle the issue more effectively, they reaffirmed to utilize existing international and regional fora such as the ARF, ASEAN+3, APEC, ASEM and EAS, and to play an active and leading role in cooperation with each other.  In this context, they expressed their intent to cooperate for the early convening of the Japan-China-ROK Trilateral Counter-Terrorism Consultations, which is specified in the “Trilateral Cooperation VISION 2020” adopted at the Japan-China-ROK Trilateral Summit last May.

  5. Both sides shared the view that this first bilateral meeting was successful, and expressed their intent to hold the next round of consultations sometime during this year or next year.