Emergency Relief for Damages Caused by Typhoon Morakot in Taiwan

August 19, 2009

  1. The Government of Japan dispatched a study team from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to Taiwan, which has suffered serious damages caused by Typhoon Morakot and where many people were killed and injured.
    According to reports from Taiwan their reports, even though over ten days have passed since the typhoon hit Taiwan, the damages continue to worsen and victims are being forced to live in difficult conditions in many areas. The reports also pointed out the possibility of secondary disasters through infectious diseases and other factors.
  2. The Government of Japan, from a humanitarian viewpoint and in light of the friendly relationship between Japan and Taiwan, has decided to extend the following additional emergency relief to the victims of this disaster.
  3. (1) Dispatch of Japan Disaster Relief Team/Expert Team

      From August 21, the Japan Disaster Relief Team/Expert Team made up of five members (a Ministry of Foreign Affairs staff , a doctor and a nurse from the International Medical Center of Japan, and two JICA staff members) will be dispatched to Taiwan. (The team is scheduled to arrive in Taipei at 21:35 on August 21.)

    (2) Provision of emergency relief goods

      As part of the previously announced emergency assistance of up to 100 million JPY in total, Japan will provide approximately 40 million JPY for emergency relief goods (sleeping mats, plastic sheets, portable jerry cans, water tanks, water purifiers, generators, etc.) (These goods are scheduled to arrive on August 20.)

(Reference) Previously announced assistance measures for the typhoon disaster

  • Emergency grant aid of 10 million JPY (announced on August 11)
  • Up to 100 million JPY for emergency assistance (including emergency grant aid of 50 million JPY). (announced on August 17.)