The 3rd Japan-ROK Counter-Terrorism Consultation

July 13, 2009

  1. The 3rd Japan-ROK Counter-Terrorism Consultation was held on July 13, 2009 in Tokyo.
  2. Mr. Kiyoshi Araki, Ambassador in charge of International Counter-Terrorism Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs representing the Japan side, and Mr. Lee Joon-gyu, Ambassador for International Counter-Terrorism, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade representing the ROK side welcomed the recent progress on the deepening of the Japan-ROK relationship generally. They also confirmed to further cooperate in the counter-terrorism area.
  3. In this round of the consultations, the discussions were held as follows:
    Both sides exchanged and shared the information regarding the international and regional terrorism situation as well as the counter-terrorism efforts by both countries. Both sides recognized that the two countries were not immune from terrorists, who still posed considerable threats to the international society. They reaffirmed the necessity of strengthening the international counter-terrorism efforts such as capacity building assistances to developing countries as well as de-radicalization efforts.
  4. Japan and ROK sides explained their respective efforts on capacity building assistance.  Furthermore, both sides also discussed and explored the possibility of their joint cooperation of the specific counter terrorism capacity building assistance.  In this context, the both sides will continue to share information about the recent cyber attacks to the ROK as well as to the United States.