Relocation of the United Nations Command (Rear) from Camp Zama to Yokota Air Base

October 26, 2007

  1. The United Nations Command (UNC)(Rear), which is now based on Camp Zama, will be relocated to Yokota Air Base on November 2.
  2. Camp Zama and Yokota Air Base are already assigned for the United Nations Forces under the Agreement regarding the Status of the United Nations Forces in Japan.  The Government of Japan was informed from the United Nations Forces that it had decided on the relocation because circumstances surrounding the United Nations Forces had greatly changed since the 1950s when the UNC (Rear) was placed in Camp Zama and this change had shifted most of the UNC (Rear) work from coordination with the United States Army at Camp Zama to coordination with the Command of the United States Forces in Japan and the United States Air Forces at Yokota Air Base.
  3. The Government of Japan understands that the UNC (Rear) is a small-scale organization consisting of only four persons and this relocation does not cause facility enlargement at Yokota Air Base.

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