Statement by Ms. Yoriko Kawaguchi, Minister for Foreign Affairs, on the Statement to the Press by the President of the United Nations Security Council on the Condemnation of Indiscriminate Attacks in Iraq on Foreign Nationals including Japanese Nationals

December 9, 2003

  1. In the afternoon of December 8 New York time (Japan time: morning of Dec. 9), the United Nations Security Council, in the statement to the Press by its President, demonstrated firm stance of the international community against indiscriminate attacks in Iraq on foreign and Iraqi nationals, including two Japanese diplomats who were murdered, and appealed the necessity of fully implementing Security Council Resolution 1511 that urges comprehensive efforts to be made by the international community for Iraq. Japan highly regards this statement as it reemphasizes the importance of the further cooperation of the international community in the reconstruction of Iraq.

  2. Japan has been urging major member states of the Security Council and the Secretary-General Kofi Annan for the importance of further international corporation in the reconstruction of Iraq, and for the expeditious release of the message by the Security Council to readdress the firm stance of the international community condemning strongly the indiscriminate terrorist attacks in particular, since cases continue in which the people of nations contributing to the reconstruction of Iraq are victimized of terrorist attacks.

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