Japan-Republic of South Africa Relations

November 14, 2014
Photo: Cabinet Public Relations Office
Photo: Cabinet Public Relations Office

1. Bilateral relations

Prime Minister Abe stated his intention to strengthen the strategic cooperative relationship with South Africa and to cooperate on issues in the international arena.  He also stated that Japan was also paying attention to South Africa's National Development Plan and the development of the North-South Corridor which is also a priority for President Zuma.  Prime Minister Abe also stated that Japan could contribute to building infrastructure in South Africa through its safe and reliable sound technologies and personnel training. President Zuma expressed his hopes for Japan's assistance in the fields of infrastructure and energy and participation of Japanese companies in Africa.


Prime Minister Abe said that he wanted to cooperate toward the success of the next Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD), which will be held for the first time in Africa, and President Zuma welcomed the holding of the Conference in Africa.

3. Security Council reform

Both leaders shared the view that they will strengthen their collaboration to take concrete steps on a Security Council reform during the United Nations General Assembly next year.

4. Issues in the international arena

Both leaders also shared the view that the Ebola outbreak was an issue that should be addressed by all members of international community. The two leaders also exchanged opinions on a wide range of other topics, including disaster prevention and the issue of peace and security in regional and international society.

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