Japan-Seychelles Relations

August 30, 2019
On August 30, for about 25 minutes, from 10:35 a.m., in Yokohama, Mr. Masahisa Sato, State Minister for Foreign Affairs, held a meeting with H. E. Amb. Barry Faure, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Seychelles. The overview of the meeting is as follows. Secretary Faure is visiting Japan to participate in the Seventh Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD7) held from August 28 to 30.
  1. At the outset, State Minister Sato stated, “I am grateful for Your Excellency’s visit to Japan following Your Excellency’s participation in the TICAD Ministerial Meeting in October last year. I intend to work together with Your Excellency to make the seventh TICAD a success and strengthen cooperation between Japan and the Seychelles.” In response, Secretary Faure stated, “I would extend my appreciation for Japan’s invitation to TICAD and warm welcome,” and remarked that bilateral relations have been strengthened since the opening of the Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Seychelles in January this year.
  2. Following that, State Minister Sato stated that Japan is grateful for Secretary Faure’s participation in the Conference on Promoting Cooperation in the Western Indian Ocean. State Minister Sato also mentioned that Japan intends to cooperate further with the Seychelles, that is an leading nation in the field of the Blue Economy, to make the Indian Ocean a free, open, and prosperous sea. In response, Secretary Faure expressed his gratitude for Japan’s cooperation and expectations for cooperation in the fields of fishery, energy, tourism and others, and for private investment from Japan to the Republic of Seychelles. 

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