Japan-Senegal Relations

January 10, 2021
Meeting with Minister of Economy, Planning and Cooperation HOTT
Signing Ceremony of Exchange of Notes 1
Signing Ceremony of Exchange of Notes 2
On January 10, commencing at around 11:00 a.m. local time (8:00 p.m. JST) for approximately 20 minutes, Mr. MOTEGI Toshimitsu, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, who is currently visiting Senegal, held a meeting with H.E. Mr. Amadou HOTT, Minister of Economy, Planning and Cooperation of the Republic of Senegal. After the meeting, the two Ministers signed and exchanged notes concerning the provision of yen loans related to the Project for Irrigated Rice Production in the Senegal River Valley.

In addition, Minister Motegi held the Japan-Senegal Foreign Ministers' Meeting (Day 1) with H.E. Ms. Aissata TALL SALL, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Senegalese Abroad of the Republic of Senegal, for approximately 90 minutes from 5:00 p.m. local time (2:00 a.m. on January 11 JST.)
The overview of these meeting is as follows.

1 Meeting with H.E. Mr. Hott and the Signing Ceremony of Exchange of Notes

  1. At the outset, Minister Hott welcomed Minister Motegi's visit to Senegal. Minister Hott expressed his appreciation for Japan's contribution to Senegal in a variety of areas such as health, education and agriculture, as well as for Japan's assistance to Senegal's fight against COVID-19. In addition, Minister Hott stated that he would like to encourage Japanese companies to expand their businesses in Senegal by harnessing opportunities provided by the Japan-Senegal Economic Committee for Investment Promotion.
  2. In response, Minister Motegi articulated Japan's stance to continue to support Senegal's fight against COVID-19, and measures to achieve economic recovery. Furthermore, Minister Motegi expressed his appreciation for Minister Hott for receiving the visit of the Public-Private Sector Joint Mission for Promoting Trade and Investment in Africa to Senegal in February last year, and stated that the Government of Japan would push Japanese companies to invest in Senegal, looking ahead the post-pandemic era. The two Ministers agreed to cooperate on enhancing bilateral economic relations.
  3. Following the meeting, the two Ministers signed and exchanged notes concerning the provision of yen loans related to the Project for Irrigated Rice Production in the Senegal River Valley. At the signing, Minister Motegi stated that rice is the staple food of the people in both Japan and Senegal, and that he hoped this cooperation would contribute to improving Senegal's food self-sufficiency. In response, Minister Hott expressed his deep appreciation for Japan's assistance to the project, and renewed his gratitude for Japan's wide variety of supports, including those related to Senegal's fight against COVID-19, as the two countries celebrated the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations last year.

2 Japan-Senegal Foreign Ministers’ Meeting (Day 1)

  1. At the beginning, Minister Motegi expressed his gratitude for the Senegalese hospitality in receiving his visit. Minister Motegi stated that he hoped to expand the scope of exchanges between the two countries, looking ahead to the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games this year, the 8th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD 8) to be held in Tunisia in 2022, the Osaka-Kansai EXPO 2025, and the Dakar Youth Olympic Games to be held for the first time in Africa in 2026. In response, Minister Tall welcomed Minister Motegi's first visit to Senegal, stated that she would welcome Japan's inputs towards the Dakar Youth Olympic Games, and expressed her hope to take this opportunity to further enhance the bilateral relationship.
  2. Minister Motegi elaborated on the vision of a "Free and Open Indo-Pacific" promoted by Japan. In response, Minister Tall stated that she would completely share Japan's views, and would like to actively strive to realize the vision. Furthermore, Minister Tall highly valued Japan's contribution to African development through the TICAD process, and the two Ministers confirmed that they would closely work together for the TICAD 8, in such efforts as reinforcing medical and healthcare systems.
  3. The two Ministers discussed measures toward achieving peace and stability in Africa, including the situation in the Sahel, and Minister Tall demonstrated her expectation and appraisal for the New Approach for Peace and Stability in Africa (NAPSA), an initiative which backs Africa-led efforts for peace and stability advocated by Japan in the TICAD 7 in 2019. In addition, the two Ministers exchanged views on a wide range of issues, including situations in Asia such as those in North Korea, the Republic of Korea, the East and South China Seas, as well as the United Nations Security Council reform. Moreover, the two Ministers shared the view to bolster their collaboration based on future-oriented thinking. Furthermore, Minister Motegi asked for cooperation for an early resolution of the abductions issue and obtained Minister Tall's understanding.
  4. The two sides decided to further deepen discussions by mainly focusing on the bilateral cooperation in the Japan-Senegal Foreign Ministers' Meeting (Day 2) on January 11.

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