June 12, 2024

From August 20 to 22, 2025, Japan will host the 9th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD 9) in Yokohama city, Kanagawa. Tokyo International Conference on African Development is known for an abbreviation of TICAD, and the government of Japan has been leading this top-level international conference to promote African development since 1993, co-organized by United Nations, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), World Bank and African Union Commission (AUC). TICAD has been held every 3 years since TICADVI in 2016.The 8th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD 8) was held in Tunisia in August, 2022.

Application is now open to submit designs for an official logo to represent TICAD 9 for the promotional documents and materials such as brochures and posters. The design should express the image of co-creation with Africa and hope for the future of fast-growing Africa, the greatest frontier of the 21st century. Application guidelines are as follows. The procedure of the usage of the selected logo design will be informed separately.

1 Application Guidelines

  • (1) Applications are welcomed from anyone regardless of nationality, age, or place of residence.
  • (2) Applications must be sent by email by June 7, 2024. The application period has ended.
  • (3) After due selection process of the applications, results for the official logo for TICAD 9 will be announced on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2 Application Submission in detail

  • (1) Click and download "Application Form (Excel)", fill in the necessary information with logo attached, and submit it to the First Africa Division, African Affairs Department, Middle Eastern and African Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (ticad9-contact@mofa.go.jp) by email. We regret that we do not accept applications by mail.
  • (2) Send an application with a title of "Logo Application (your name)".
  • (3) Logo design should be sent as a JPEG file no larger than 3 MB with resolution of at least 300 dpi. Formatting changes may be requested upon necessity.
  • (4) The description of the logo design should be within 50 words in the "Application Form (Excel format)". The description will be announced to public together with the result for the official logo for TICAD 9.
  • (5) Submit both color (no restrictions on number of color, gradations, etc.) and black-and-white versions of the logo.
  • (6) Two applications per applicant at maximum.

3 Conditions for Design

  • (1) Submitted logo designs should contain the letter “TICAD 9”, “Yokohama” which is the host city and “2025”. Calligraphic font is unrestricted.
  • (2) An abstract motif with letters is acceptable but do not contain specific animals or plants.
  • (3) The aspect ratio of the logo should be nearly circle or square shape.

4 Points to note

  • (1) Submitted logo designs must be new, not previously published anywhere, and not infringe on copyrights, trademarks, etc. of any third parties.
  • (2) Any of the following will be disqualified:
    • (A) content that does not meet the purpose of TICAD to promote African development,
    • (B) content that is offensive to the public order and standard of decency,
    • (C) content that violates or might violate laws and regulations,
    • (D) content that promotes position of political, religious or specific groups,
    • (E) content that does not fit the public nature,
    • (F) content that is for commercial purposes.

The application will be invalid if the selected logo is found to be in violation of these conditions.

  • (3) The selected design and its explanation (description) will be subject to necessary process of editions or alterations in order to use them. The selected design will be withdrawn if this process is unsatisfactory.
  • (4) All rights to the submitted designs and the copyright to the selected logo will belong to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. Those submitting designs agree to relinquish all rights and interests in the designs. In principle, the submitted designs will not be altered other than to adjust size, convert to black-and-white, or to translate into Japanese, English or other langeages.
  • (5) The selected logo design may be withdrawn from use if any information on the application is later found out to be false.
  • (6) The final version of selected logo will be distributed to parties after authorization process by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan for the use in conjunction with the TICAD 9.
  • (7) Personal information (other than name and affiliation) in the application will not be disclosed or provided to third parties without the applicant’s permission.
  • (8) Applicants will not be notified on the receipt or unsuccessful result of application. Information on the selection process will not be provided

5 For more information

Please contact the First Africa Division, African Affairs Department, Middle Eastern and African Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (ticad9-contact@mofa.go.jp).

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