Opinion Poll on Japan

April 5, 2018

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs commissioned Ipsos Indonesia to conduct an opinion poll on the image of Japan in three African countries (Kenya, Côte d’Ivoire, and South Africa) in March 2017. (The poll was carried out by telephone and face-to-face interviews using 500 respondents in each country who were aged 18 and over and were eligible voters.) The results of the poll are as follows. (Note: The following figures are the average values of the poll results for all three countries).

1. Relationship with Japan
87% of the respondents in the three countries overall answered “very friendly” or “somewhat friendly” with regard to how they viewed their respective country’s relationship with Japan.

2. Reliable relationship
86% of the respondents in the three countries overall answered “very reliable” or “somewhat reliable” on how they rate Japan as a reliable friend, confirming that Japan is rated high as a reliable friend.

3. Japan’s path as a peace-loving nation
When asked “How much do you value Japan as a peace-loving nation for the past 70 years since the end of World War II?”, 81% of the respondents in the three countries overall answered “a lot” or “to some extent.”

4. Japan’s support for Africa
When asked “To what extent does Japan play an important role in the field of development cooperation, including Official Development Assistance (ODA)?”, 81% answered “Japan plays a very important role” or “Japan plays a somewhat important role,” confirming that Japan’s contributions to Africa are appreciated. Additionally, in response to the question “Do you expect more investments from Japanese companies to your country?”, 93% replied that they do. Furthermore, when asked what sorts of initiatives in Africa they expect from Japan, 78% replied “stronger economic ties,” reflecting expectation that Japanese companies will forge closer economic ties in Africa.

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