Japan-Burkina Faso Relations

September 20, 2017
Japan-Burkina Faso Foreign Ministers’ Meeting 1
Japan-Burkina Faso Foreign Ministers’ Meeting 2

On September 20, commencing at 7:10 p.m. (local time) for approximately 25 minutes, Mr. Taro Kono, Minister for Foreign Affairs, who is visiting New York to attend a United Nations (UN) General Assembly, held a Japan-Burkina Faso Foreign Ministers’ Meeting with Mr. Alpha Barry, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Burkinabe Abroad of Burkina Faso. The overview is as follows.

1. At the beginning, Minister Kono expressed his condolences over the terrorist attack that occurred in Ouagadougou in August. Minister Kono also expressed expectation that the grant aid (approximately 53 million U.S. dollars) for road improvement in Ouagadougou, which was signed last month, would contribute to improving the country’s traffic and distribution networks. In response, expressing gratitude for the support, Foreign Minister Barry praised Japan as an important partner to Burkina Faso, and highly appreciated Japan’s continuous assistance.

2. In addition, Minister Kono told that North Korea’s nuclear tests and ballistic missile launches pose an unprecedented, grave and imminent threat to the security of the international community. Minister Kono stated that we need to apply unprecedented and new level of pressure on North Korea, and emphasized the importance of fully implementing the relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions. In response, Foreign Minister Barry supported Japan’s position by explaining that Burkina Faso’s position coincides with that of Japan’s and Burkina Faso condemns North Korea’s nuclear tests in strong terms.

3. Furthermore, Foreign Minister Barry stated that Burkina Faso shares Japan’s position regarding the need for UN Security Council reform, and intends to keep cooperating with Japan. In response, Minister Kono expressed his hope that progress will be made with negotiations in the UN General Assembly, and his strong desire for cooperation on this matter.

4. In addition, the two sides exchanged views on bilateral relations, cooperation in the international arena, regional affairs and other topics.

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