Japan-Australia Relations

January 22, 2015

On January 22, commencing from 2:00pm for approximately fifteen minutes, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had a telephone talk with The Honorable Tony Abbott MP, Prime Minister of Australia. The outline of the talk was as follows.

1. At the outset, Prime Minister Abbott, on the threat against Japanese hostages by the ISIL, expressed his and Australia’s strong solidarity with Prime Minister Abe and Japan. He also renewed his commitment to the fight against terrorism.

2. Prime Minister Abe made following points:

(1) I appreciate the solidarity shown by Prime Minister Abbott and the people of Australia.

(2) ISIL released a video on the internet announcing its intent to kill Japanese individuals. A threat of this kind in exchange of peoples’ lives is an unacceptable act, and I feel strong indignation.

(3) The assistance of 200 million dollars, which I announced during the recent visit to the Middle East, is to make as much contribution as possible in the non-military areas, including support to the refugees.

(4) Japan will not succumb to terrorism, and will contribute to the international community’s fight against terrorism. (5) Japan asks for the support from the Australian government in collecting information and cooperation towards early release of the Japanese individuals.

(6) Japan remains committed to further contribute to the peace and stability of the region, in collaboration with the international community. Japan intends to continue to closely cooperate with Australia.

3. In response, Prime Minister Abbott stated that Australia, together with the international community, would extend as much cooperation as possible. He also said that he was convinced that the government and the people of Japan would overcome this difficulty.

4. Also, both leaders confirmed that they would coordinate Prime Minister Abbott’s visit to Japan at mutually convenient time this year.

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