Japan-Republic of Korea Relations

November 26, 2023
Two ministers shaking hands
Japan-ROK Foreign Ministers’ Meeting

On November 26, commencing at 09:00 a.m. for approximately 85 minutes, Ms. Kamikawa Yoko, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan held a bilateral meeting with H.E. Dr. Park Jin, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea (ROK), during her visit to Busan, the Republic of Korea, for the Japan-China-ROK trilateral Foreign Ministers’ Meeting. The summary of the meeting is as follows.

  1. At the outset, Minister Kamikawa stated that she was delighted to have the opportunity to visit Busan, a city with deep connections to the Chosen Tsushinshi/Joseon Tongsinsa (Korean Embassies), on her first visit to the ROK as Foreign Minister. The two Ministers welcomed the frequent communication between their leaders and themselves, including during the APEC Leaders' Week 2023 in the previous week, and shared the view to continue to do so. The two Ministers also welcomed the steadfast recovery in the number of people traveling between their countries, and expressed their hope to see further expansion of youth exchanges
  2. Minister Kamikawa stated that it was extremely regrettable that the Seoul High Court had rendered a judgement on November 23 in favor of the plaintiffs, denying the application of the principle of State immunity under international law. She again urged the ROK to take appropriate measures to remedy the breaches of international law.
  3. The two Ministers strongly condemned North Korea’s launch using ballistic missile technology conducted on November 21, stressing that it constitutes a clear violation of relevant United Nations Security Council Resolutions (UNSCRs), even if characterized as a satellite launch. Furthermore, they shared serious concern about the North Korea’s repeated ballistic missile launches with unprecedented frequency and in new manners, and affirmed that they would continue close coordination bilaterally and trilaterally among Japan, the U.S. and the ROK including in the United Nations Security Council. Minister Kamikawa also expressed her appreciation for the ROK government’s consistent support on the immediate resolution of the abductions issue. The two Ministers confirmed to work closely together on North Korea’s human right’s issues, including the abductions issue.
  4. Minister Kamikawa reiterated Japan’s continued support for the efforts of the ROK as the Presidency of the Japan-ROK-China trilateral process, and expressed her hope for constructive discussions at the Japan-China-ROK Trilateral Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in the afternoon. The two Ministers concurred on continuing working toward holding the Trilateral Summit at the earliest convenient time.
  5. Minister Kamikawa stated that disaster prevention and response would be a particularly promising field in relation to the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agenda and that she looked forward to developing discussions on this. Minister Park concurred, and looked forward to closer cooperation between the two countries in the international arena such as the UN.

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