Highlight of the U.S. - Japan Cooperation on Global Challenges

Remarks by President Bush to the Diet
Tokyo, Japan, February 18, 2002

America and Japan have joined to oppose danger and aggression. We have also joined to bring aid and hope to those who struggle throughout the developing world. We are the world's two largest economies, and the two most generous contributors of economic and humanitarian aid. Japan's commitment to development is known and honored throughout the world. So is Japan's leading role in great international institutions -- the United Nations, the World Bank and the G-8, among others.

The challenges of development are often deep and difficult -- persistent poverty, widespread illiteracy, terrible disease. Money is necessary. Yet money alone will not solve these problems. Lasting help will come as we help to build honest government and effective law enforcement, quality schools and quality hospitals, and growing economies. Progress will require a long-term commitment, and we both must provide it.

In the months ahead, our nations will take part in two world summits focused on development. Japan and the United States should work to expand our partnerships with the private sectors, to reform international financial institutions, to improve access to education for boys and girls in Asia, and Africa, and in the Middle East. In all our efforts we must put resources where they do the most good -- with the people and the communities we are trying to help.

Our two countries have unique strengths, and a unique opportunity to combine them for the benefit of the world. In science, we're exploring new technologies to produce energy while protecting the environment. In medicine, we're exploring the human genome and nearing treatments and cures to extend lives and relieve suffering.

Japan is making these great contributions even in a time of economic uncertainty and transition that has caused some to question whether your nation can maintain these commitments and your leadership in the world. I have no such questions, and I'm confident that Japan's greatest era lies ahead. (Applause.)

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