Highlight of the U.S. - Japan Cooperation on Global Challenges

Joint Press Conference by President Bush and Prime Minister Koizumi
Crawford, Texas, May 23, 2003

President Bush:


Around the globe, Japan and America are addressing threats to our common security and meeting our common responsibilities. We are partners in the war on terror. In Afghanistan, Japanese naval ships helped refuel coalition vessels in the fight against the Taliban. Today we're working together to complete a major highway that will help unify Afghanistan, strengthen that country's economy, and weaken the grip of the warlords.

Our two nations are committed to the fight against global poverty, hunger and disease. We are committed to completing the WTO global trade negotiations, so we can advance prosperity around the world.


Prime Minister Koizumi:


Now, the other pillar is the economy. The Japanese and U.S. gross domestic products together would account for 40 percent of global GDP. So it is vital for the world economy, not just the Japanese and U.S. economies, but for the world economy, that the Japanese and -- or rather, it is vital for our two countries, as well as for the entire world economy, that the Japanese and U.S. economies are healthy.

And the most important mission of my Cabinet is to revitalize the Japanese economy. And I have the support of President Bush in my efforts to further accelerate structural reforms. And to achieve that goal, I'll tackle deflation, I shall never allow a financial crisis to occur. So, not just in the security area, but also in the economic area, and others, as well, I would like to promote further cooperation between our two countries on various issues, from the perspective of Japan-U.S. alliance in a global context.

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