History Issues

History Issues

Recent Statement / Remarks by Prime Minister, Chief Cabinet Secretary, Foreign Minister

History Issues Q&A (January 2006)

The views of the Government of Japan on issues of history including “comfort women” (November 6, 2013)

Path of 60 Years as a Nation Striving for Peace

History Recognition

The Peace, Friendship, and Exchange Initiative

Memorial Ceremony for the War Dead

Bilateral Relations

Issue known as "Wartime Comfort Women"

Issue on the history textbooks

Issue on the Visit to Yasukuni Shrine

Press Secretary's Press Conference/Media FAQ on Historical Issues

Year Month Date
2007 November 16, 30
May 22
April 3
March 9, 20
February 20
2006 January 17
2005 November 4
October 18, 21
September 30
August 26
July 1
June 17
May 24
April 5, 8, 12, 15, 19, 22

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  • For the issue of the name of the Sea of Japan, click here. (The issue of the name of the Sea of Japan is not a territorial issue.)
  • For the basic view on the Senkaku Islands and related Q&A, click here. (There exists no issue of territorial sovereignty to be solved concerning the Senkaku Islands.)

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