Foreign Policy

March 14, 2014
1. Concerning the recognition of history, the government of Japan issued the Murayama Statement and the Koizumi Statement at the 50th and 60th anniversaries of the end of the World War II respectively. The Abe Cabinet upholds the position on the recognition of history outlined by the previous administrations in its entirety, including these statements.
2. With regard to the comfort women issue, I am deeply pained to think of the comfort women who experienced immeasurable pain and suffering, a feeling I share equally with my predecessors. 
3. The Kono Statement addresses this issue. This statement was issued by Chief Cabinet Secretary, and, as my Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga stated in press conferences, the Abe Cabinet has no intention to review it.
4. As I have stated earlier, we must be humble in front of history. The issues of history should not be politicized or be turned into a diplomatic issue. Research on history should be entrusted to experts and historians. 

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