Official Development Assistance (ODA)
Japan's ODA Annual Report (Summary) 1996


  1. New Development Starategy towards the 21st Century - Aiming for People-centered Development
  2. The Current Situation of the World's Socia-economic Development
  3. ODA's Contribution to Global Peace and Prosperity Benefits Japan
  4. ODA as an Important Pillar of Japan's Internatinal Contribution
  5. New Development Strategy and People-centered Development
  6. Results Accomplished by Japan's ODA, and Its Fifth Medium-term Target
  7. Growing Asian Economies and Japan's ODA
  8. The ODA Charter
  9. Japan's Approaches to Foreign Aid
  10. Efficient and Effective Implementation of Aid
  11. Untied ODA Loans
  12. Responding to Global Issues
  13. Steps to Cope with Regional Conflicts dand the Role of ODA -- Important Contribution to Peace
  14. Support for Africa -- A Global Challenge
  15. Publicity, Information Disclosure on ODA, and Development Education
  16. Broader Participation of the Public -- Supporting NGO Activities
  17. Appreciation and Expectations on Japan's ODA


  1. General-account Budget for ODA
  2. ODA Operating Budget
  3. 30 Major Recipients of Japan's Bilateral Aid by Aid Type (1995)
  4. Japan's Official Development Assistance Charter
  5. The Fifth Medium-term Target of Official Development Assistance
  6. History of Japan's Assistance to Developing Countries (1945-1996)



  1. Ghanaian Researchers Carry on the Will of Dr. Hideo Noguchi
  2. Japan-China Comprehensive Forum on Environmental Cooperation
  3. A Small Power Plant in the Mekong Delta
  4. "We will never forget you as long as we live.": Japan Medical Team for Disaster Relief (JMTDR) for Bangladesh Cyclone Disaster
  5. South-south Cooperation in Thailand: Third-country Training Courses on Soil Management Technology
  6. Eradicating Polio in Bangladesh -- National Immunization Day
  7. ODA and the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta
  8. Aid from Japan for the Reborn Republic of South Africa: The Republic Receives Its First ODA Loans from Japan
  9. ODA on the Internet