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Welcome to "Invest Japan", the contact/information desk on Direct Investments to Japan.

1. The concept of "Invest Japan"

(1) The Government of Japan announced to double the FDI inward stock of Japan (JPY 6,600 billion as at 2001) within five years in January 2003. To this end, "The Program for the Promotion of FDI into Japan" has been established. This program has been proceeding as to scheduled, and the achievement of its goal is within reach (JPY 11,900 billion as at 2005) by the cut-off point at the end of this year.

(2) In June 2006, The Government has further declared to increase the FDI inward stock in Japan, so as to achieve the level of 5% of GDP by the year 2010. To achieve this goal, new program called "The Program for the Acceleration of FDI into Japan" has been adopted.
Under the slogan "INVEST JAPAN," Japan is now working to establish a better and more effective investment environment for foreign investors. In putting this Program into effect, Japan has set out the clear goals to improve its investment environment under the following 3 areas;

(a) Regional Centers for Economic Growth and Improved Quality of Life

Promote the creation of new enterprises that make use of regional resources, facilitate special zones for the promotion of FDI into Japan and so on.

(b) Improvement of the Investment Environment capable of Overcoming Global Competition

Increase the flexibility of cross-border M&A and other such organizational restructuring, make the flow of people and goods smoother and more efficient, strengthen the infrastructure for research and development and improve the living environment for foreign personnel.

(c) Domestic and International Public Information Activities

Hold several large seminars.

The Expert Committee established under the Japan Investment Council (JIC) has been working with the active cooperation of the ministries and agencies concerned in order to periodically review the status of the program. In addition, the committee carries out surveys and studies in cases where further measures appear to be necessary, and engages in revision of the program. The Government has been seeking to effectively implement and enhance its measures in the light of those findings.

2. The three key roles of MoFA regarding FDI promotion

(1) Promoting FDI to Japan through Diplomacy and Economic Policy
(2) Promoting FDI to Japan through Overseas Embassies and Offices
(3) Promoting FDI to Japan through strong and close cooperative efforts with JETRO, the Development Bank of Japan, local municipalities, etc.

3. How to contact us

There is no standard inquiry format etc. You are free to contact us by any form you choose, such as calling us (by phone), sending us a facsimile, sending us an e-mail, or even directly visiting us at our office.

However, please make sure we are able to clearly identify your name, firm/company, contact details, and the content of your inquiry.

In principle, we will get back to you within 10 working days once we have received your query. However, please note that for certain complicated matters, we may require a longer time period in order to prepare a sufficient answer.

Please contact us at:  INVEST JAPAN SECRETARIAT OECD Division,
Economic Affairs Bureau
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
TEL: +81-3-5501-8348
FAX: +81-3-5501-8347

4. Advertisements and/or Commercials on "Invest Japan"

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6. For further details on "Invest Japan" (IJIC Official Website) other site

7. JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization)

For more specific information about investing in Japan, please visit the official site of JETRO. other site

8. Towards Creating The World's Most Business-Friendly Environment (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) [PDF]other site

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