Site Search Tips

1. Search options

There are two different ways for search, such as ">> Simple Search" and ">> Advanced Search". If you cannot get relevant results to your query by the simple search, try the advanced search.

(1) (Simple) Search

Enter your query word(s) in the search box, click the "Go" button to display your search results.

(2) Advanced Search

Click on "Advanced Search" below the search box to display the Advanced Search page. Enter word(s), and select "Search Target" (Body, Title, etc.), date, number of search results displayed, and their sort order. Select one criterion, click the "Go" button to display your search results.

2. How to enter queries

You can enter multiple words to search for a page. By simply separating each word with a space or AND, you can search for pages which contains multiple query words (AND operator).

AND operator

(Example) To search for pages containing both "visa" and "japan"
visa japan (separated by a space)
visa AND japan

OR operator

(Example) To search for pages containing "visa" or "japan"
visa OR japan

NOT operator

(Example) To search for pages containing "visa" but not "japan"
visa -japan (Put a minus sign just before words you don't want)

Phrase search

(Example) To search for pages containing a set of words such as "press conference"
Put double quote ("") around the set of words. Without quotes, the AND operator is applied by default and all pages that contain query words in any order are searched for.
"press conference"

* Japanese words are searched by character, and Roman alphabets and numbers by word separated with a space or symbol.
* The search engine does not distinguish between hiragana and katakana. It is neither width-sensitive (half-width/full-width characters and numbers) nor case-sensitive.

3. Results display

(1) Sort order

In both simple and advanced searches, your search results will be displayed in order of relevance to your query word(s). You can change the sort order by clicking on any of the "relevance", and "date" buttons under the total number of search results.

(2) Number of results displayed

If the simple search provides multiple results, the first ten results will be displayed on page 1 and results 11 through 20 will be displayed on the next page. The bottom of the page will give the link's page number and links to the "previous page" and "next page".

(3) If no documents are displayed

If the result shows "No Results", you are recommended to enter fewer or shorter key words and search again.