March 9, 2021
(image) the Official Logo for the 13th Mekong-Japan Summit Meeting
  1. The official logo for the 13th Mekong-Japan Summit Meeting Logo has been selected through the public competition conducted from 24 November 2020 to 5 January 2021 among 157 entries from all over the world including Japan and Mekong countries.
  2. The creator is Mr. Shinji Miyashita, a Japanese designer living in Kyoto, Japan. The official logo provides the image of the flow of the Mekong River next to the sunrise, which symbolizes friendship and depth of mutual understanding between Mekong countries and Japan.
  3. The official logo will be used in Mekong countries and Japan for the events related to the 13th Mekong-Japan Summit Meeting. We truly appreciate your cooperation.

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