(Provisional translation)

Remarks by Mr Yasuo Fukuda, Chief Cabinet Secretary, Regarding the Dispatch of Destroyers and Another Vessel for Information Gathering

November 8, 2001

The Security Council of Japan has met today. At the meeting, we discussed the issue of "the dispatch of destroyers and another vessel for information gathering," and approved the following.

"The Director General of the Defence Agency will dispatch destroyers and another vessel of the Maritime Self- Defence Force to the sea areas ranging from Japan to the Indian Ocean, in order to gather information in accordance with Section 18, Article 5 of the Defence Agency Establishment Law (Law no. 164, 1954), from such viewpoints as smooth implementation of response measures under the Anti-Terrorism Special Measures Law."

Japan's Measures in Response to the Terrorist Attacks in the United States announced on 19 September provided that "the Government of Japan will swiftly dispatch SDF ships to gather information," and the Defence Agency has studied the matter following the announcement. Today, the Security Council received the reports from the Defence Agency on the results of the study, and discussed and approved the results of the study from such viewpoints as the assurance of civilian control.

Three vessels (two destroyers and a supply ship) are scheduled to depart from Sasebo on 9 November.


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