Joint Announcement by
Ryutaro Hashimoto, Minister of International Trade and Industry of Japan, and
Michael Kantor, United States Trade Representative
Regarding The Japanese Auto Companies' Plans

28 June 1995

  1. Ambassador Kantor has estimated, on the basis of these individual company plans, the following with regard to the North American market:
    1. North American parts purchases will increase by _____ [value] by 1998.
    2. The companies will increase production of vehicles in North America from _____ to _____ by 1998.
    3. The companies will increase exports to Japan of vehicles manufactured in North America, from _____ to _____ by 1998.

    Ambassador Kantor also estimates an increase of _____ [value] in foreign parts purchases by the companies for use in Japan by 1998.

  2. Minister Hashimoto said the Government of Japan has had no involvement in this calculation because it is beyond the scope and responsibility of government. He said that USTR's estimates are solely its own.

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