Provision of the TV Program "Oshin" to Iraq

22 October 2003

  1. The Japan Foundation, with the cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of Japan and the state-run television station of Egypt, will provide the NHK TV program "Oshin" (Note 1) with subtitles in Arabic to the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) (Note 2) free of charge as a part of the reconstruction assistance to Iraq.

    Note 1: 96 episodes of her childhood (About one third of the whole series).
    Note 2: Broadcasts the TV and radio programs of the state-run TV and radio stations that used to be under the jurisdiction of the Information Ministry of Iraq.

  2. This assistance is a contribution in hopes that the people of Iraq will be able to carry out an enjoyable life, mentally as well, by providing a TV program to the IMN which still lacks adequate program broadcasting system.

    "Oshin" is a nationally popular TV program in Japan and has been highly evaluated in 59 countries and regions in the world. Broadcasting of such a program would deepen the understanding of Japanese culture by the people of Iraq. It is also expected that the people of Iraq, who are working for the post-war reconstruction of their country, will be encouraged by watching the life of a Japanese woman living through a turbulent period and overcoming various challenges.

  3. Broadcasting is scheduled to start from the Holy month of Ramadan, the fasting month for the Muslim (starting around 26 October this year), when high television rating can be expected.

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