Implementation of Training Program for the Iraq Power Network System

October 5, 2004

  1. As part of its humanitarian and reconstruction assistance to Iraq, the Government of Japan implements a training program for Officials of the Ministry of Electricity of Iraq from October 5 (Tue) to October 13 (Wed).

  2. As restoration of power supply is becoming a pressing issue in Iraq, there are demands for the development of human resources who can operate, maintain and manage power infrastructure, together with the need for the development of infrastructure such as restoration of electric power plants. The Government of Japan has made clear that its assistance focuses on the areas that contribute to the recovery of the Iraqi people's life such as electricity, education, water and sanitation, health and employment. The purpose of this training program is to promote the restoration of electric power supply in Iraq through human resources development.

  3. The trainees will first learn about the Japanese electric power industry in Tokyo. Then they will receive training in their areas of specialties after being divided into the "organization and management course" and "thermal power course," one group in Nagoya City and the other in Yamaguchi Prefecture. The curriculum includes visiting of the branch office of the Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc., and a thermal power plant of the Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc.

  4. As for the training provided to Iraqi people in the area of electric power, Japan has conducted three courses with the cooperation of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; "Power System Analysis," "Control System" and "Communication System" from May through July, 2004, and course implement "Electric Power (welding)" in October.

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