Grassroots Human Security Grant Aid to Iraq
(Governorate of Al Muthanna including Samawah)

September 17, 2004

  1. The Government of Japan has decided to extend a grassroots human security grant aid of about 1.35 million dollars (about 148.90 million yen) in total to the Health Department of the Governorate of AI muthanna for the purchase of 32 ambulances to strengthen the medical transportation system of the Governorate of Al Muthanna.

  2. The medical care structure of Al Muthanna Governorate is supported by four major hospitals - Al Samawah General Hospital, Samawah Maternity and Children's Hospital, Al-Rumaytha Hospital, and Al-Khidhur Hospital - and by 30 primary health care (PHC) facilities within the governorate. There is a lack of ambulances to transfer patients between these hospitals and facilities, preventing patients from having access to appropriate medical services.

    With this assistance, Japan will provide a total of 32 ambulances for the Health Department of the Governorate of AI muthanna. Japan intends to improve the medical transportation system in Al Muthanna Governorate by developing the transportation and transfer system among medical facilities and enhancing medical services in the governorate as a whole by reducing the burden of patients.

  3. This assistance is expected to have multiple effects together with assistance provided to date to medical institutions in Al Muthanna Governorate, including Al Samawah General Hospital, to restore their functions, through activities of Ground Self Defense Forces dispatched in and around Samawah, and emergency grant aid and grassroots human security grant aid.

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