Second Response to the Earthquake in Iran by the Japan Platform (JPF)

23 January 2004

  1. On 22 January 2004 (Thursday), in order to continue assistance activities to victims of the earthquake in Southeastern Iran, the Japan Platform (JPF)* decided to provide additional assistance using governmental funds to its two umbrella non-governmental organizations (NGOs). This follows the emergency humanitarian assistance activities that were initiated using governmental funds immediately after the earthquake.

* JPF: An emergency humanitarian assistance organization that was established through the cooperation of the Government of Japan, the economic community and NGOs.

(1) Nippon International Cooperation for Community Development (NICCO)

Since 27 December 2003, this organization has engaged in assistance activities at the camp established for internally displaced people, and is planning to continue assistance activities until the end of March, expanding the areas in which it works and focusing on activities for the distribution of basic necessities. (Project scale: 25,675,710 yen)

(2) World Vision Japan (WVJ)

Based on the needs assessment implemented from 30 December 2003, this organization is planning to implement distribution of shoes and underwear for which there is a high need among victims of the earthquake. This activity will continue until the end of March. (Project scale: 15,295,400 yen)

  1. In addition to the above-mentioned assistance, the BHN Association is planning to implement activities, until the end of March, to establish and operate an FM radio station in the disaster region. This organization will use private-sector funds of JPF collected so far in response to the earthquake. (Project scale: 11,505,800 yen)


Following JPF NGOs conducted emergency relief activities immediately after the earthquake in Iran.

1. Peace Winds Japan (implementation ongoing)

Overview: distribution of tents and other basic necessities (blankets, stoves, etc)
Scale: 33,820,000 yen

2. NICCO (implementation ongoing)

Overview: distribution of basic necessities (tents, blankets, boilers, etc)
Scale: 33,567,170 yen (to be continued as above)

3. Japan Rescue Association

Overview: performing relief activities using rescue dogs
Scale: 10,487,325 yen

4. BHN Association

Overview: providing communications assistance for local rescue headquarters (provision of walkie-talkies)
Scale: 9,984,000 yen

5. World Vision Japan

Overview: conducting a needs assessment while distributing assistance items
Scale: 917,500 yen

Assistance Total (1-5): 88,775,995 yen

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