Japan-Iran Expert Meeting on the IAEA Additional Protocol

August 2003

On 26 August 2003, Japan-Iran Expert Meeting on the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Additional Protocol took place. The following is a summary of the meeting.

  1. The Japanese side requested again that the Iranian side cooperate fully with the IAEA, and promptly and unconditionally sign, ratify and fully implement the Additional Protocol. The Japanese side also expressed its hope that this meeting helps to accelerate the process for Iran to conclude the Additional Protocol.
  2. The Iranian side emphasized its right to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and stated that in addition to fully cooperating with the IAEA, it was positively considering the Additional Protocol. With regard to the conclusion of the Protocol, the Iranian side stated that it would be useful for Iran to learn experiences of Japan, which has already concluded and implemented the Protocol, regarding in particular what domestic legislation would be necessary and what kind of inspections should be accepted.
  3. The Japanese side stated that it had taken the initiative in concluding the Additional Protocol as a means of increasing the transparency of its own nuclear activities. The Japanese side explained that the Protocol was being steadily implemented in Japan, with many inspections conducted based on its stipulations.
  4. The Iranian side expressed its appreciation for the explanation by the Japanese side, and both sides agreed that they would continue such cooperation.

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