Joint Press Statement on Technical Cooperation
between Japan and the Federative Republic of Brazil

Tokyo, May 26, 2005

  1. Prime Minister of Japan, Junichiro Koizumi, and President of the Federative Republic of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (hereinafter referred to as "Both Leaders"), confirmed common recognition of both countries about the importance of bilateral technical cooperation programs. Both Leaders confirmed that areas such as environment, agriculture, industry, health and social development are priorities for technical cooperation in Brazil.
  2. Technical Cooperation between Japan and Brazil is important in enhancing social and economic development in Brazil and third countries. The bilateral technical cooperation programs have been extended for more than 35 years and been discussed in the Technical Cooperation Policy Meetings between the two governments. The total amount of technical cooperation extended to Brazil has reached 92,163 billion yen (JICA base). These programs have made possible the transfer of knowledge and technology, the exchange of information on best practices, human resources development, and the creation and consolidation of high level institutions that are prepared to disseminate their knowledge to third countries.
  3. The Third Countries Training Program (TCTP) is one of the most successful programs among the technical cooperation programs between Japan and Brazil. TCTP has been successfully implemented for more than 20 years by Japan and Brazil, and through this program over 1500 experts from Latin American and Portuguese-speaking African countries have been trained in Brazil. This program has been also carried out with the cooperation of high level institutions in Brazil which have received cooperation from Japan.
  4. Both Leaders recognized the importance of the dialogue based on the Japan-Brazil Partnership Program (JBPP) framework which was signed in Tokyo, March, 2000. In this connection, they reaffirmed their intention to intensify and reinforce this dialogue to jointly assist social development of third countries, under coordination of common interests through bilateral meetings. This program is composed of the following modalities;
    (1) Third Countries Training Program (TCTP)
    (2) Joint Training Program (JTP)
    (3) Joint Seminar in Brazil or in a third country
    (4) Joint Project in a third country
  5. Both Leaders expressed common recognition that the two countries should reach a consensus on the status of JICA representative offices in Brazil as soon as possible in order to facilitate effectively and efficiently the technical cooperation by JICA in Brazil.

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