Japan-Bolivia Relations

Japan-Bolivia Relations (Basic Data)

December 16, 2016

Basic Data

Diplomatic Relations:

  • Established in 1914 (reestablished in 1952)

Japanese nationals and Japanese descendants:

  • Number of Japanese nationals residing in Bolivia: 2,970 (2016)
  • Number of Japanese descendants: 11,350 (estimated)

Trade with Japan:

  • Exports :27,100 million yen (metal materials, sesame seeds, quinoa) (2015)
  • Imports:25,710 million yen (cars, machinery, steel products) (2015)

Direct Investment from Japan:

  • The amount of direct investment from Japan in 2013 was $0.

Japan's economic cooperation:

  • List of Exchange of Notes
  • Loans: 49,521 million yen
  • Grants: 91,335 million yen
  • Technical Cooperation: 70,732 million yen (cumulative total through fiscal 2014)

Recent Visits by eminent persons

Japan to Bolivia
Year Name
2015 Parliamentary Vice-Minister of MOFA, Uto
2014 Parliamentary Vice-Minister of MOFA, Ishihara
2010 Parliamentary Vice-Minister of MOFA (Special Envoy to the Presidential Inauguration), Kira
2009 HIH Prince and Princess Hitachi
2006 Ambassador Arima (Special Envoy to the Presidential Inauguration)
Bolivia to Japan:
Year Name
2015 Vice-President Garcia Linera
2013 Minister of Foreign Affairs, David Choquehuanca
Minister of Rural Development and Land, Nemesia Achacollo
Minister of Environment and Water, Jozé Antonio Zamora
2012 Minister of Planification and Development, Viviana Caro
Minister of Economy and Finance, Luis Arce
2010 President Evo Morales
2008 Minister of Mining and Metalurgy, Echazu
2007 President Evo Morales
2006 Minister of Foreign Affairs, David Choquehuanca