Japan-Slovenia Relations

Japan-Slovenia Relations (Basic Data)

January 25, 2019

Basic Data

Diplomatic Relations:

  • Established in October 1992

Japanese Nationals:

  • Number of Japanese Nationals residing in Slovenia: 202 (June, 2018)

Trade with Japan:

  • Exports: 14.18 billion yen (2017) (transport equipment, electrical machinery, general machinery)
  • Imports: 19.65 billion yen (2017) (transport equipment, electrical machinery, pharmaceutical product)

Japan's Economic Cooperation:

  • Technical Cooperation: 472 million yen

VIP Visits

From Japan to Slovenia
Year Name
1997 Keidanren Mission
2000 Royal Highness Princess Sayako
2006 Kazuo Kitagawa, Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
2008 Takahiro Yokomichi, Vice-Speaker of the House of Representatives
2009 Isao Imai, Justice of the Supreme Court
2013 Imperial Highnesses Prince and Princess Akishino
2015 Yoji Muto, State Minister of Foreign Affairs
2016 Yasuhisa Shiozaki, Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare
2016 Keidanren Mission
2018 Hideki Makihara, State Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare
From Slovenia to Japan
Year Name
1998 Lojze Marincek, Minister of Science and Technology
1998 Boris Frlec, Minister of Foreign Affairs
1999 Ciril Smorkolj, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry
2000 Janez Podobnik, President of National Assembly
Tea Petrin, Minister of the Economy
2006 Milan Zver, Minister of Education and Sport
2008 Janez Jansa, Prime Minister (Accompanied by Andrej Vizjak, Minister of the Economy)
Janez Podobnik, Minister of the Environment and Spatial Planning
Andrej Bajuk, Minister of Finance
Dimitrij Rupel, Minister of Foreign Affairs
2010 Roko Zarnic, Minister of the Environment and Spatial Planning
2012 Janez Sustersic, Minister of Finance
2013 Borut Pahor, President of the Republic
2014 Samo Omerzel, Minister of Infrastructure and Special Planning
2016 Miro Cerar, Prime Minister
2017 Anja Kopac Mrak, Minister of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities
Tomaz Boh, State Minister of Education, Science and Sport