Japan-Serbia Relations

October 24, 2018

Basic Data

Japanese Nationals in Serbia:

159 (as of October 2017)

Trade with Japan in 2015:

  • Japan's export: 1.7 billion yen (automobiles, chemical products, etc.)
  • Japan's import: 27.8 billion yen (frozen fruits, wine, etc.)

Japan's Bilateral Economic Cooperation:

  • List of Exchange of Notes
  • Yen Credit: 39.29 billion yen
  • Grant Aid: 22.28 billion yen (including aid for Kosovo and Montenegro before their independence)
  • Technical Cooperation: 5.26 billion yen (ditto)

VIP Visits

From Japan to Serbia
Year Name
July 2001Foreign Minister Makiko Tanaka
April 2005Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs Itsunori Onodera
May 2005Senior ViceMinister of Finance Ryotaro Tanose
May 2006Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Akiko Yamanaka
May 2009Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Yasutoshi Nishimura
September 2012Parliamentary Senior Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Ryuji Yamane
December 2013Parliamentary Senior Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Nobuo Kishi
July 2014Senior Vice-Minister of the Cabinet Office Yasutoshi Nishimura
December 2015State Minister for Foreign Affairs Yoji Muto
December 2017State Minister for Foreign Affairs Kazuyuki Nakane
January 2018Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
October 2018Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Kenji Yamada
From Serbia to Japan
Year Name
February 2001Foreign Minister Goran Svilanovic
May 2003Foreign Minister Goran Svilanovic
April 2004Foreign Minister Goran Svilanovic, Minister of International Economic Relations Branko Lukovac
November 2007Mining and Energy Minister Aleksandar Popovic
April 2009Deputy Prime Minister Bozidar Djelic
October 2009Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic
March 2011the President of the Republic of Serbia Boris Tadic, Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic
November 2011the Speaker of the Serbian Parliament Slavica Djukic-Dejanovic
October 2012Finance and Economy Minister Mladjan Dinkic
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