Joint Press Statement by Japan and the Russian Federation on the Results of the Japan-Russian Consultations on Counter-Terrorism

Russian Version

The First Japan-Russian Consultations on Counter-Terrorism was held in Tokyo in 13 - 14 November, 2002, with Ambassador in Charge of International Counter-Terrorism Cooperation Hiroshi Shigeta as Head of the Delegation of Japan and Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Anatoly Safonov as Head of the Russian Federation Delegation.

This round of consultations was held based on the contents of the Joint Statement by Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan Yoriko Kawaguchi and Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Igor Sergeyevich Ivanov on 2 February, 2002, as well as on the agreement between the Foreign Ministers of Japan and the Russian Federation on 12 October, 2002, on the importance of enhancing bilateral cooperation with the goal of preventing terrorist acts and responding to terrorist threats.

Both Japan and the Russian Federation condemned in the strongest terms the heinous act of taking hostages in Moscow on 23 October, 2002. In this regard Japan expressed its deepest sympathy and condolences to the victims of this terrorist act and to their families.

During the consultations a mutually-beneficial views were exchanged on international and regional aspects of terrorism issues. Both sides shared the view that the threat of international terrorist organizations, beginning with Al-Qaeda, remained a serious one. In this context, both sides stressed the importance of further consolidation of the efforts undertaken by the international community for the prevention of international terrorism and in the fight against international terrorism, in light of the main role of the United Nations, as stated in particular in the Joint Statement by the Ministers for Foreign Affairs of Japan and the Russian Federation on 2 February, 2002.

Both sides explained counter-terrorism measures taken in their respective countries. The representatives of Japan and the Russian Federation confirmed their intention to strengthen cooperation on counter-terrorism at the bilateral level as well as within the framework of multinational organizations and fora including the United Nations, G8, APEC and ARF.

Both sides confirmed that this round of consultations was beneficial and agreed to hold these consultations in principle once a year, alternating between venues in Japan and the Russian Federation. It was decided that the next round of consultations would be held next year in the Russian Federation. In addition, the two sides found it appropriate that, as necessary, contacts would take place at the working level in between these consultations.

Anatoly Safonov, Head of the Russian Delegation and Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, was received by Minister for Foreign Affairs Yoriko Kawaguchi. During the meeting they stressed the importance of developing further and holding of regular consultations on terrorism-related issues.

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