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Statement on Middle East Peace Process

There exists an unprecedented opportunity to achieve a just, lasting and comprehensive peace in the Middle East. Japan and the EU underline that a negotiated comprehensive peace based on the principles of UNSC Resolution 242 and 338 as well as agreements of Madrid and Oslo is the only realistic option, and strongly support the parties concerned in their efforts to achieve this end.

Japan and the EU welcome the holding of the Camp David summit meeting. They urge both Israel and the Palestinians to seize this opportunity to bridge the gap and make their utmost efforts to pave the way for concluding the final status negotiations by September 13, 2000. Japan and the EU reaffirm their continued support for the Palestinians' right of self-determination including the right to establish an independent State, and strongly hope that a viable, independent and democratic Palestinian State will be effectively established in a peaceful manner on the basis of aforementioned principles. Japan and the EU declare readiness to consider the recognition of a Palestinian State in due course. Japan and the EU will extend their continued assistance conducive to the human resource development and nation building of the Palestinian people.

The two sides welcome the withdrawal of the Israeli Forces from Lebanon in accordance with UNSC Resolution 425, and call upon all the parties to fulfil their responsibilities to maintain peace and stability in the region. Japan and the EU invite the international community to extend its support for the stabilisation of Southern Lebanon. They consider that progress on the Lebanese and the Syrian tracks is essential to the achievement of a comprehensive peace and they hope that the negotiations will be resumed as soon as possible.

Japan and the EU believe that the multilateral track is a valuable tool for creating favourable environment for the progress of the peace process as a whole, and call for prompt resumption of its meetings.

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