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Statement on Indonesia

Japan and the EU recognise the important role of Indonesia as a key player in the Southeast Asian region and in consequence the role it plays in the stability of the region. Japan and the EU welcome the general progress of democratic reforms in Indonesia, including towards further strengthening of democratic society and the rule of law, and support the efforts to this end by the Government of Indonesia, which was established through democratic processes. Japan and the EU also support the efforts of the Indonesian Government to restructure and relaunch the economy and to address the social issues.

The two sides are willing to support the efforts of the Government of Indonesia to solve regional problems and ensure stability and reconciliation in the country peacefully through dialogue. In this connection, Japan and the EU welcome the signing of Joint Understanding on Humanitarian Pause for Aceh on 12 May 2000. They reaffirm their support for the territorial integrity of Indonesia.

Keeping in mind the importance of Indonesia's economic stability to the regional as well as world economy, Japan and the EU, as major bilateral donors and economic partners in trade and investment, are determined to support Indonesia's own efforts for development.

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