"Central Asia plus Japan" Dialogue
Third Foreign Ministers' Meeting
Joint Press Release

August 7, 2010

  • The delegates confirmed the progress made after the Second Foreign Ministers' Meeting under the 'Action Plan' for the "Central Asia plus Japan" Dialogue.
  • The delegates confirmed the significance for Japan and Central Asia to cooperate within the framework of the "Central Asia plus Japan" Dialogue and shared the view that they would continue to give priority to measures promoting intra-regional cooperation.
  • The delegates shared the view that they would hold a Senior Officials' Meeting (SOM) annually within the framework of the "Central Asia plus Japan" Dialogue.
  • Japan announced that it would provide continual support towards the stabilization of Central Asia, with the understanding that long-term self-sustaining development and the maintenance of peace and stability as an open region will be in the interest of Eurasia as a whole.
  • The delegates appreciated the Kyrgyz Republic's efforts to stabilize domestic politics and to reconstruct and reform the country. In light of the importance of the stabilization of the situation in Kyrgyzstan, the delegates expressed their intention to provide necessary assistance continually.
  • The delegates confirmed the significance for Japan and Central Asia to continue their efforts on regional and global issues.
  • Japan announced its intention of strengthening its support for measures against terrorism and narcotics, the improvement of border-control capacities, human resource development and capacity building.
  • The delegates reaffirmed their commitment to international nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation and confirmed the importance of improving regional nuclear security. Japan welcomed the entry into force of the Treaty on a Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone in Central Asia as an effort to realize the peace and stability of the region and expressed hope for the early implementation of talks among countries concerned so that the treaty can function in an effective manner.
  • Japan announced that it was prepared to provide continual support for the development of logistical infrastructures contributing to the economic development of each country, the promotion of commodity distribution in the region, and the strengthening of coordination with economic zones outside the region.
  • The delegates reaffirmed the necessity of promoting exchanges between businesses in Japan and Central Asia, and the importance of the efforts made by Central Asian countries to improve trade and investment environments and disseminate information.
  • Japan announced that it was prepared to convene a "Japan-Central Asia Economic Forum," to be participated in by Japan and the five Central Asian countries, with the aim of promoting trade and investment relations with Central Asian countries. Japan also expressed its intention to consider expanding existing networks to develop an environment for investment.
  • Japan expressed its intention to support the introduction and widespread use of renewable energy sources with low environmental load in Central Asia. It was also announced that Japan would implement assistance towards climate change mitigation to be carried out by 2012 in developing countries, in order to steadily advance international negotiations on the establishment of a fair and effective international framework in which all major economies participate and to make agreements on ambitious targets.
  • The delegates agreed that they would continue making efforts so that more countries would support the Copenhagen Accord.
  • The delegates confirmed that the next Foreign Ministers' Meeting would be held in Japan.

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