Japan Donates Medicine to Vietnam against Avian Influenza

January 2004

  1. On January 24, the Government of Japan informed the Government of the Social Republic of Viet Nam that Japan would extend approximately 173,000 dollars worth of medicine (100,000 tablets of Tamiflu) to Viet Nam through JICA, in order to support the efforts of the latter to fight against Avian Influenza.
  2. WHO/WPRO confirmed that five Vietnamese nationals died of Avian Influenza (H5N1) as of January 23 and that all of them were infected from chickens. WHO/WPRO, therefore, stresses the importance to provide Tamiflu to chicken house workers and those who have contact with them, and also to the residents of local communities where infection among chickens is confirmed.
  3. Based on such circumstances, and responding to the request from the Government of the Social Republic of Viet Nam, the Government of Japan has decided to extend this urgent support to Vietnam.

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