Summary of the 7th Round of Negotiations on the Japan-Viet Nam Economic Partnership Agreement

April 9, 2008

  1. The 7th round of negotiations on the Japan-Viet Nam Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) was held from April 7 (Mon) to 7 (Wed), 2008 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan in Tokyo.
  2. Participating in this round of the negotiations were: for the Japanese side, Mr. Jun Yokota, Representative of the Government of Japan for Japan-Viet Nam and Japan-Switzerland Economic Partnership Agreements Negotiations and the Chief Negotiator for Japan, and officials from relevant ministries and agencies of Japan; and, for the Viet Namese side, Mr. Phan The Rue, the Chief Negotiator for Viet Nam, and officials from relevant ministries of Viet Nam.
  3. A summary of the discussion is as follows:
    (1) Overview
    • (i) In the round, the overall negotiations were assessed in the plenary meeting at the chief-negotiator-level and such issues as market access in trade in goods, other issues relating to trade in goods (general rules, rules of origin), trade in services, movement of natural persons, intellectual property, competition, sanitary and phytosanitary measures (SPS), cooperation, and improvement of business environment were discussed. Substantial progress was made in all areas during this round.
    • (ii) With respect to market access of trade in goods, both sides discussed their goods of interest with regards to both industrial goods and agricultural, fishery and forestry goods, as well as internal circumstances.
  4. The 8th round of negotiations will be determined through diplomatic channels.

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